Hopes, dreams and a unique passion for pasta

In 1848, when the historical setting was not in peace and the Westerner seemed to be pervaded by a spirit of renewal, Vincenzo Maltagliati founded “Il Pastificio”. A story tale in which the Great History, the one of the big events, of the Springtime of the Peoples and of the Italian Risorgimento, was the ideal setting and inspiration that gave birth to a new Italian reality, that was bound to grow up and assert itself as a business venture of our country. Hopes, dreams and a unique passion for handmade pasta are the base of its origin together with an extraordinary capacity of combining tradition and innovation. In this way Vincenzo Maltagliati was appointed Master Pasta Maker and the history of pasta evolved to what it is today.

Today Maltagliati is produced by Fabianelli, that has been able to preserve the main features of this pasta

Today Maltagliati is produced by Fabianelli, that has been able to preserve the main features of this pasta, a worldwide symbol of quality, taste and Made in Italy. Both brands share the important values of authenticity and quality, that have passed down from generation to generation and are typical of the entire productive chain together with innovation and research. All these aspects allow to serve the best pasta. Water and durum wheat semolina kneaded and drawn, with a real passion for the shapes, to satisfy the palate. Pasta Maltagliati, an Italian product that teaches the culture of food. A combination of past and present, perfectly produced, to give off fragrance and flavor that conquer the international tables. A balance, a naturalness and a harmony able to exploit the most modern and advanced production processes, without altering the nutritional and organoleptic qualities.

pasta maltagliati prodotti
pasta maltagliati prodotti

Pasta Maltagliati, the perfect taste!

Pasta Maltagliati a real symphony in which every element contributes to achieve the perfect consistency and taste. The semolina is daily selected among the best provided by the market: a research of purity and authenticity, the main features that allow to create a product of high quality.

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