pasta maltagliati prodotti

Spaghetti Bundle

High quality pasta in practical portions of 100 gr.


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Discover a lot of recipes: curious, original and tasty ideas to try and bring to the table every day. Recipes for pasta dishes of traditional Italian cuisine made of fresh and natural ingredients: a rich, healthy and balanced diet without forgoing the sacrificing the taste and flavours of the traditional cuisine.

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pasta maltagliati ricette
pasta maltagliati prodotti

Hopes, dreams and a unique passion for pasta

In 1848, when the historical setting was not in peace and the Westerner seemed to be pervaded by a spirit of renewal, Vincenzo Maltagliati founded "Il Pastificio". A story tale in which the Great History, the one of the big events, of the Springtime of the Peoples and of the Italian Risorgimento, was the ideal setting and inspiration that gave birth to a new Italian reality.

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