An experience that makes real the passion for good

Rich taste and authentic

An explosion of sensations emanates from a plate of Pasta Maltagliati: an intense fragrance, a full and balanced consistency, a rich and authentic taste. Nothing could be more genuine and completely original, created respecting the tradition. It is impossible to resist this pasta, produced from a selection of the best dorum wheat semolina and using the most advanced manufacturing systems, that ensure high quality controls for the consumer protection.

The passion for the good things

The cuisine of former days, that one that enhances the country and the truest tastes of the local culture, the cuisine of “research”, that experiments new combinations and presentations, both realize their potential in the multiplicity of lines and shapes provided by Maltagliati: Long and Short Pasta shapes, soup Pasta, the Specials, the Regional and Egg pasta. The plate of Pasta Maltagliati, an experience that makes real the passion for good. To have a taste is the only proof.

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